Postfeld, a small village in Schleswig-Holstein

54° 12.4′ N, 10° 14′ E, 22- 35 m above sea leavel

Postfeld is a small village (442 inhabitants) in Northern Germany.
Total area 832 ha,
State (Land): Schleswig Holstein
County (Kreis): Ploen
ZIP-Code (Postleitzahl):24211 (Preetz)
Postfeld is an individual community with its own mayor (Wolfgang Mengel, Rotenbeek, 24211 Postfeld)

It is administrated by the Amt Preetz Land.

Distance from Hamburg: 90 km
Distance from Kiel: 16 km
Distance from Preetz 8 km.

Postfeld is a small farmers village, first documented in 1224.
Today only a few farms are left. Most inhabitants are commutors to Kiel.

Map of Postfeld

Fruit farms
Locksmith and blacksmith
Street theater „WasDas“
hay hotel
Farming depot
No regular shops, restaurants or offices

Recreation, social activities
Village hall with kindergarten and shelter for fire-engine.
Voluntary firebrigade
Sports club „Postfelder Sportverein“ with branches on football (soccer) and archery.
Choral group „Teepunsch“
Public bathing place at the Postsee.

Vicinity map

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